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Hi my name is Nye’. I’m an Oakland-based portrait, commercial and conceptual photographer / retouch-er. Prior to photography, I gained extensive experience retouching and compositing as a full-time Graphic Designer in a San Francisco based company for 7 years. My work is intimate as I like to get to know my subject and connect to them or it personally. It’s important that I engage them with brief questions before I even pick up the camera to ensure we are on the same page. Marrying the technical aspects of digital photography with the intimate intricacies of discovering ones true persona or constructing a brands visual story is the key balance that drives my work and I do it with spirited diligence.

I’m in love with the psychological and soulful vulnerabilities of Photography. The moments that one can’t usually pick up on because they happen so fast. I can shoot a room of people and literally read the room when I review the shot. For instance, I can tell this one individual is in love with the woman he is talking to by how lost he is in her eyes. How his body is leaning toward her with his chest, his heart, reaching for her. While on the completely opposite side of the room some lady is dying to get out of a conversation. So many things can be read in body language, facial expressions, and general energy that aren’t always readily available in real-time observations because they can happen in an instant.

Even with portraits there is a certain psychological playful manipulation. I love digging for the genuine moments. One of my favorite shots of this guy came from me poking fun at his adoration of his girlfriend as he had mentioned her 3 times in the span of 5 minutes. He did a sheepish shift in stance with a huge grin on his face while briefly looking away from the camera. It’s my favorite photo of him. I love the dance between myself, the camera, and the subject. The moments where I capture someone’s true self, the un-guarded self, their soul. It really makes me understand why people of certain cultures do not want their photo taken. It truly is the capturing of one’s soul. Having someone be spiritually nude for me is an honor and I take the way I handle it very seriously.

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Honors & Awards

Prix Pictet nominee
July, 2016
Nominated for “Natural Heir” Series
London, UK

Fine art photography awards 
June 12th, 2016
3rd place in Photomanipulation Category for “Natural Heir” Series
London, UK

Jan Hart Schuyers Creative Merit Award
February, 2016
Richmond Art Center


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